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Lothian Movers

Amidst all the excitement of the move, you'd rather spend your time decorating your new house than conducting the physical labor of the move.

At Lothian Movers, we tend to your moving requirements so that you can do just that: enjoy your apartment or home! Our Lothian moving company has been successfully relocating homes and businesses within the Maryland area and around the world for years. Since no two moves are alike, we provide a number of options that gives our customers the ability to select just those they'd like assistance with. From packing and moving crates to making the move and unloading, we handle exactly what you want us to do.

Allowing our customers and clients to choose their own options also makes moving inexpensively possible. Not only do we have economical rates, but we provide our clients the control to establish the cost of their move by using only the required options. That is why we provide a comprehensive list of services that permit us to take care of some or a variety of your wants. Some of the services our Lothian local movers offer include:

  • Complete Packing Services
  • Supplies (packing and tape)
  • Professional Staff
  • Self-Storage
  • Truck Rental and Fuel

Our Lothian moving service is determined to guide you in selecting from our full service menu and meeting your financial concerns. At Lothian Movers, our goal is to meet the needs of our customers, and our priority is to make certain that your move is as worry-free as possible. In order to live up to your expectations, we employ only the highest quality personnel.

We know that our clients have different needs and we recognize those by offering a complete service menu and attention to every detail.

To maintain a safe transport of your goods, everything is wrapped and packaged securely. The boxes are identified as well, allowing for easy unpacking when we've reached the home. You can also rest assured that our drivers operate on a sensible timeframe, so you will not be waiting for your belongings. If you require storage for in between moves, we can make available some of the most secure storage facilities in the Maryland area. Large, sanitary units and a secure facility to ensure that the belongings will remain safe. Our Lothian self storage units can keep an assortment of items including, but not limited to:

  • Furniture, Dressers And More!
  • Clothing
  • Car or Motorcycle Parts
  • Musical Instruments
  • Baby Supplies
  • Toys (Large And Small)
  • Sporting Gear

When the time comes and you need your belongings from our storage unit, we can deliver the crates to your new residence at a time that works for you. You also have the option to pick up your things on your own or a personal truck. This is an excellent option for those who are on a tight timeline and want to maintain the allocated cost of their moving process within budget.

Get a move on today and schedule your relocation with Lothian Movers!

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